Our mission is to merge the splendor of your dreams with the realities of your budget, creating a celebration you and your guests will happily remember.

Event Design
Let us design your non-profit, corporate or private event, gala, wedding or party. Our recipe for success relies on the basics of etiquette and style. We top it off by helping you identify the secret ingredients to make the party uniquely yours.  
Why an Event Consultant?
An event consultant knows where to find quality service without stretching your budget. We save your time by doing the research for you. We serve as your advocate and are the team you can trust to represent you and your interests while you enjoy the event.

Champagne!inc will provide ideas and experience to help you make informed decisions. Whether planning an elegant soireè or a grand gala, we offer guidance to help you make informed decisions.

Champagne!inc does not accept commission from vendors, nor do we benefit from selecting any particular vendor or location. All details are kept in confidence.

Champagne!INC        Adding a touch of class to any event!  • kay@champagne-event.com • 630.747.7173

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